5 Fun Things You Can do For Your Wedding Right Now

Today’s reality is a far cry from where we want to be. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of social distancing and have made it difficult to continue wedding planning in person. Will that stop us? Hell no! I’ve come up with 5 fun and productive things you can do to continue your wedding planning efforts right now!

  • Create your song list for your DJ – Ceremony and reception music consists of songs that represent who you are as a couple. From pre-ceremony to processional to the reception dance party, your personalities will shine through your music selection! Now’s the perfect time for you and your fiancé to create a kick butt list of music for your wedding that you and all of your guest will enjoy!

  • Make your own signature drink! – Who doesn’t love a good cocktail, especially one that’s created by the couple? You can find a fun recipe online and put your own spin on it or play mixologist and create one! Here’s how you do it: Make a list of your favorite liquors and choose the one you both love the most. Incorporate your favorite liquor, favorite juices/sodas and add some food coloring the same colors of your wedding scheme. It should scream “This is us” in a glass! Next, narrow it down to your top two or three choices. The best part of it all…TASTE TEST! Sip away at your choices decide which drink you want to serve during cocktail hour. Create a fun name for it, then Boom, done! Signature cocktail on deck!

  • Create and practice your first dance – In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a couple’s first dance. Couples sometimes take professional dance lessons to create a pristine dance routine. It really shows how passionate a couple can be….or it can show how much fun a couple is! Take this time of togetherness to create an unforgettable dance routine of your own that will have your guest swooning and/or wanting to join in on the fun! Whether it’s Chicago style stepping, the waltz or the samba, Pick a combination of songs that you can groove to and put your best “dance” foot forward!

  • Pose for the Click! – Your selfie game is tight – top mirror model status! However, these are not the photos that will go in your memorable wedding album. A photographer will guide you on poses but it doesn’t hurt to practice. Instagram and Facebook are your best sources for examples of awesome wedding photos. Every wedding photographer has posted photos of weddings they have shot. Wedding planners and couples have shared photos they’ve received from photographers. Use these photos as your inspiration for what you want to see in your own photo album and practice, practice, practice! (*bonus tip – your photographer may send you a list to fill out of pictures you want to take at your wedding. Even if you have not found your photographer yet, it doesn’t hurt to have your list of favorite photos ready!*)

  • Have a virtual meeting with your wedding party – Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t meet with your wedding party. Create a Skype or Zoom meeting and invite everyone to join. Ladies, get your girl squad together and go over all things wedding. Guys, do the same. Or use it as a time to catch up on what’s been going on everyone. It can be a virtual lunch or dinner (incorporating food and drink will make it feel like you’re dining together!)

Planning your wedding during this time has posed some challenges but we can get through this together! If you need planning assistance or looking for a wedding planner, we are here to help! Contact us today for your free consultation and let’s get started!

Fabulously yours,

M.E. Events Team


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