Attending a wedding expo 101

Updated: Mar 22

Engagement season is here! And one of the first things a newly engaged bride-to-be does is attend wedding expos! Attending an expo or two is an awesome way to gather vendors for your wedding. Here are a few tips to prepare you for your first visit to an expo:

Tip# 1: Pack light! No need for a big purse or bag. You’ll receive plenty of bags/gift bags from vendors with loads of goodies so leave your luggage sized purse at home!

Tip# 2: Take your bride squad with you. This will include your mom, sisters and girls from the bridal party. Everyone might not be able to go, but take a few of your girls if you can and definitely your maid/matron of honor. Your bridal party has planning to do as well. Your bridal shower and bachelorette party is a huge deal, so while you are looking for deals for your wedding, this will give your girls a chance to find some great deals on a party bus for the night of the bachelorette party or gather information from a beautiful venue to have your bridal shower. Also, this is just an opportunity to spend time with your favorite girls..who doesn’t love that!? #WhereMyGirlsAt #BrideSquad

Tip# 3: Go Label Crazy! You will be visiting with lots of vendors that want to know who you are. Make sheets of labels that include your name, address, phone number, email address and wedding date. This makes sharing your information with vendors easy and saves you from getting a hand cramp.

Tip# 4: Leave your options open. Depending on the size of the expo, there are going to be repeat vendors. There will be multiple disc jockeys, multiple florists, multiple bakeries, etc. Be open minded to visiting all of the options and what they have to offer. One of them may just be the perfect fit for your wedding.

Tip# 5: Take advantage of the discounts! For wedding expos, vendors will have discounts and special promotions for all brides so do not pass up on what the vendors are offering. For example, you may want videography, but feel it’s not in your budget. However, you’ve set aside $3,000 for photography. You may come across a photo/video company that is offering 10 hours of photo and 8 hours of video for $2,300 and bam! There’s your chance to have photo and video all within your budget!

Tip# 6: Enjoy the day that was made to celebrate you! Wedding expos are created for who? YOU that’s who! Revel in the fact that all of the vendors you meet are there to cater to the needs of a new bride to be! Sample all of the cakes, take sips of the bubbly, indulge in decadent appetizer samples but most of all, have FUN! Remember, memories can be made anywhere!

Stay Fabulous!

Qiana, Madison Elyse Events

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