Back to Business as Normal for the State of IL!

Covid-19 has affected our country in the worse way. The state of Illinois government has taken this seriously and Illinois, as far as weddings and events, have been stuck at between a 25 and 50 person capacity for the last 6 months (at least!) However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! As of today, March 18, 2021, The IL governor J.B. Pritzker has announced that IL is moving towards Phase 5! This means back to business as normal for us! Here are the specifics:

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The state of Illinois will move towards phase 5 using a “dial-like” approach, meaning we can dial up the movement of the phase as we go further. IL will start with a “Bridge Phase” – a transition period with higher capacity for businesses and gatherings. All of this will be based on metrics and data received from doctors. We will move into this Bridge phase when:

70% of residents 65 and over have received their first dose of the vaccine. As of today (3/18/21), IL is at 58%. (We are so close!)

After 28 days of monitoring in the bridge phase with no significant resurgence covid-19 cases, hospitalizations or deaths, IL will resume normal business operations when at least 50% of residents ages 16 and up have received 1 dose of the vaccine. As of today (3/18/21), IL is at 28%. All residents 16 years of age and older will be able to receive their vaccine starting Monday, April 12th.

Now, there will continue to be a mask mandate, and this will lift when the CDC says it’s okay to do so.

We are so close to getting back to normal! All of us in the wedding and events industry, especially in Illinois are so anxious to get back to work and celebrate with our clients! Let’s do all that we have to do to make this happen!

Fabulously yours,

M.E. Events Team!

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