How to Incorporate you Furry Friends into your Wedding

We pet owners love our fur babies! Animals really are more like your family than just a pet. It's not an uncommon place to want to include them into your wedding day. Here are a few you follow to ensure your fur baby's participation in your big day!

  • Get permission from your venue - make sure pets are allowed in the venue space, whether indoor or outdoor. Once you have the go ahead, plan accordingly! Scope out potential areas of the venue where the pup will be comfortable once the ceremony is over and can eat his celebratory dinner.

  • Know their temperament - Is he/she happy around others? Bashful or fiesty? This is so important! Knowing this will help you decide if they can really be involved or not.

  • What's their role - ring bearer, best dog or dog of honor? Either one will be super cute and fun to watch!

  • "Excuse me, do you have this in my size?" Wardrobe time! - This will be super fun, especially for dogs that like to dress up. Decide what will look totally adorable on your furry friend - A simple bow tie, a tux with "tails" or a pretty dress along with her favorite hair bow. Have fun with this and choose the best wedding outfit for your furry friend.

  • Have a reliable handler onsite - appoint someone to be the designated puppy handler for the day. Outline all responsibilities for the handler so your pet will be comfortable during the nuptuals, like taking him/her out to the bathroom before the ceremony begins to avoid accidents.

  • Lastly, make sure your pup has all of the basic essentials he will need to be happy" bowl, food, water, leash/collar, a toy or two and the best part, hit up a dog bakery and get him/her some celebratory dessert! "Bone-apetit!"

Your fur babies are your family and should be included in your big day, if they are allowed to do so. If you are planning and need help, we're here for you! Contact us today and let's get started!

Fabulously yours,

M.E Events Team


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