Planning a Micro Wedding

When you initially sat down and planned wedding day, you may have anticipated that it would be a huge crowd of family and friends there to celebrate with you. That was until the Coronavirus swept across the entire world and upset the way we celebrate. However, no one said we can’t celebrate, we just have to alter the way we do it…A Micro Wedding! The idea of a micro wedding is not new, but it’s more common now since Covid-19 has prevented many large-scale social events from happening. Just because it’s smaller, does not mean that your wedding won’t be as meaningful and as perfect as you would like it to be. Here’s some tips on how to begin the planning for your super awesome micro wedding!

A micro wedding is you just taking the BIG version of your wedding and making it smaller so the first thing you must do is consider a budget. How much do you want to spend? Although it may not be as costly as a big, traditional wedding, you must still think realistically, what you would like to spend.

Next is the venue. Seek out venues that are small enough to host an intimate gathering, but big enough to hold a small cocktail reception for you and your guests after the ceremony.

The next piece to think about is the guest list. Instead of 150 or more guests, 20 or less of your closest family and friends would be in attendance. Wouldn’t it be so extra special to know that your guest list is a list of people that genuinely care for you, are ready to celebrate you and are happy for you with their whole hearts?

Lastly, gather together a team of rock star vendors to help you bring your wedding day vision to life. Yes, it’s a micro wedding, put don’t hesitate to pull out all of the stops. Besides, this is the biggest day of your life…celebrate like it!

Are you ready to plan? Let’s do this! If you’re planning a micro wedding and need help, we’re here for you! Contact us today to receive information on our all-inclusive micro wedding package!

Fabulously yours,

M.E.Events Team


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