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Let's Get This Party Started Right...A Step by Step Guide on How to Begin Planning Your Wedding!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Engagement season is here and there will be loads of you getting engaged!

Wedding planning can get overwhelming because you have so many thoughts and ideas running through your head. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Enjoy being engaged – Allow this moment that you've been waiting for to soak in! Getting engaged is a big deal and you need time to let this life changing ordeal seep into your spirit.

2. Tell your friends and family on both sides about your amazing news – Your family and friends have watched your relationship blossom from just friends or just dating to now fiancé! They’ve been waiting for this day just as much as you have and will be very excited for you! Accept their warm wishes and congratulations for your new life adventure.

3. Set your date – Is there a date that hold value in your heart? Like an anniversary date perhaps or the engagement date? Choose a date that works for both of you and set it in stone. However, when it comes to pinning down your chosen date, you must begin planning as soon as possible in order to secure your chosen date. The caveat to this is to have a back-up date or two! Flexibility in this will allow you to have the venue of your choice that may not be available on your first chosen date.

4. Make a guest list – Making your list is an important piece. Knowing how many people you want to have attend your wedding is a key piece in helping you decide your budget.

5. Create your budget – Be realistic about what you can spend. Consider your own finances and if you'll be receiving help from family. This goes back to your guest list as well. You may need to adjust the amount of guests you want to attend to accommodate your wedding budget.

6. Figure out your wedding style – Are you Glam? Rustic? Bohemian? Knowing your wedding style will help you create the vision for your wedding and gather the right inspiration.

7. Gather wedding inspiration – Gather pictures by browsing such sites like Pinterest. Create a board for yourself so that when you begin to look for vendors you’ll have ideas for your day. Also social media is going to serve as an amazing tool for wedding inspo. But remember, the bigger and more glamorous you want, the more money you'll need in your budget..(so as #5 says, be realistic!)

8. Search for your perfect venue – When searching your venue, you must take into account all of the elements in comparison to the size of the venue space. For example, you have 100 guests and the room you love holds 100 people. However, is that big enough to hold the DJ or band? A dance floor? Maybe a photo booth? Does that 100 people include the vendors that will have to be included in your count for dinner? Consider these before booking that space. (Take a look at my blog piece on how to choose your wedding venue!)

9. Research wedding vendors – After all of this pre-work listed above is complete, start your search for a vendors that will help you pull together your vision. This will take time and much effort. It can be down right overwhelming…which leads me to my last and most important tip…

10. HIRE A PLANNER -Hire a wedding planner! A wedding planner is your guide to planning the best and safest celebration possible! We know venues, we know vendors and best of all, the stress of planning is off of you and being taken care of by the experts! So this tip is a no brainer!

Congratulations again on your upcoming engagements and happy planning!

Fabulously yours,

M.E.Events Team!

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