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Meet the Madison Elyse Events Team

Qiana Turner is founder of Madison Elyse Events - A Plainfield, IL wedding and event planning firm. Qiana is often gets asked the question where the name came from. Her answer is as warm and friendly as she is, "it's my daughter's name". For the last five years as an owner, and the previous five learning from the best, she always strives to make each event stress-free, memorable, and a huge success.​

She and her team are dedicated to mastering the details of every event while providing an assortment of services which include all aspects of planning, coordinating and executing lavish weddings, posh social gatherings and upscale events. 

Wedding planner in Chicago

Qiana Turner "The Bride Whisperer"
Owner & Chief Event Planner

"My heart is at the forefront of each wedding and event I plan. I am a master at logistics, a timeline genius, have a keen eye for details and I strive to make the planning process streamlined and stress-free. I am affectionately called "The Bride Whisperer" because of how well I connect with my clients, especially my brides! My soft spoken demeanor puts my clients at ease, but I'm firm when it's needed! Every wedding I treat as my own and I would be honored to be your guide through your journey and provide the "white glove" experience you deserve."

Wedding planners in Chicago

Treasa Collins "Gatekeeper of the Timeline"
Lead Event Planner

"What started as being a supportive big sister quickly became a passion to create and execute fabulous and memorable events for our clients.  I love seeing people happy and no moment is happier than the precise moment a client walks into the day they envisioned.  Every event is personal for us because once you choose Madison Elyse Events you immediately become family and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for family. I am the “gatekeeper of the timeline,” and I take this task to heart.  My calm and even-tempered demeanor helps in assuring that I can effectively work with everyone from other vendors to the bridal party ensuring that every single detail is perfect. "

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