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Timeline Genius - Key Elements of an Effective Event Timeline

A timeline for your wedding or event is the glue that holds the day together. The timeline applies to everyone involved in the day: the guests of honor/happy couple, the wedding party (if applicable), your guests, your vendors and your planning team. One missed step can throw the entire day off and something can go terribly wrong and put a damper on your day! To get you started, here are some key elements of an effective timeline:

  1. Time: All times are critical! Hair and makeup, getting ready, what time vendors are allowed into the venue, what time vendors will arrive, what time the event starts, what time it ends and everything in between.

  2. Names and contact information of vendors and venue(s): This information is great for everyone involved with the wedding or celebration. It’s also helpful for when a vendor is running late, their phone number is listed right on the timeline for someone to contact them.

  3. Names and contact information for a point of contact: If you’re getting ready for your big day, especially if it’s your wedding day, no one wants to really bother you with questions! List a point person that can be contacted on the day of the wedding in case of questions or emergency.

  4. The details of the day: The team that was created to implement your special day will need to know exactly what to do. Every single detail from the top of the day to the end of the night will need to be on your timeline. Having all of the details listed will leave little to no room for error!

Timelines play a critical part in the success of your special day. You don’t want to leave it to chance that something can go wrong if your timeline is not spot on. If you need help with your planning and timeline, I am a timeline genius! Not because someone deemed me a one, but because I create kick ass timelines that are effective and fool proof! I receive so many compliments from vendors and clients on the timelines that I create for wedding and events. Contact me today for help and let’s get this planning party started!

Stay Fabulous!


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