Jessica & Bill

I can not say enough about Qiana and Madison Elyse Events!!! We knew from the first 10 min of meeting that she was the person for the job. She is so professional and organized. She handled issues with grace but was firm when had to be. She was always on time or early. Being prepared for ANY issue that arose was her specialty. We would NOT have made it without her. She took all the stress off of us, so we were able to just relax and enjoy the wedding planning process and our wedding day!

We pride ourselves on providing seamless and stress-free event planning.

Cherise & David

Madison Elyse Events provides event planning.

Madison Elyse Events is a perfect option for your wedding! As the groom, Madison Elyse made me feel comfortable that my wife had all options available to her and that alone for me was encouraging. What really makes me recommend this vendor the most is that their business relations to other reputable vendors is beneficial! Especially when you have a front and backyard wedding like ours and need a highly specialized cake! Madison Elyse is very open, honest, and fun, making the process really feel easy AND things were organized. Our wedding day went by without a hitch and at the end of the day this company feels like family to me. Not only for their quality of work but the general atmosphere when we were collaborating was different from what I expected and in a good way!!

Carmen & Daniel

From the beginning, Qiana was on top of her game. Covid had just started locking things down. She set up zoom meetings with us weekly, set up zoom meetings with vendors, text us, called us, emailed us and was always available to answer our questions and concerns. It was amazing that she always included me, the groom, in everything. I wanted to be a part of our magical journey to our wedding day and Qiana made that happen. The amount of time and energy Qiana puts into her business and the relationship with her clients is phenomenal. She stuck to our budget and helped us select THE BEST vendors in Chicagoland for our wedding. Her relationships with the vendors made it so easy for us. We trusted everything she suggested to us. Qiana started out as just our wedding planner. But as time went on, we realized how special she is and what a beautiful heart she has. Qiana has become a member of our family. We can't wait to spend more time with her now that our wedding is done. We love her so much.... She is the best you will find, Guaranteed!!!

We offer event planning and events coordination.

Casey & Connor


Qiana is the BEST! We met Qiana 6 months before our wedding day. To put it nicely, we were a little behind on our planning. There was no need to worry though, Qiana got us back on track in matter of weeks! She coordinated all of our meetings with vendors and provided so many suggestions that we never would have considered without her. Qiana is extremely well connected and we loved all of the vendors that she recommended to us. When we finally made it to our wedding day, Qiana’s planning showed up in a big way. We were stress free as Qiana coordinated everything in the background allowing us to focus on each other! All of our guests had a blast and hardly noticed we had a coordinator because Qiana worked so diligently off to the side, never drawing attention to herself. I think this review clearly states that Qiana is a terrific Wedding Planner, but that’s not all! Qiana is a also incredibly friendly and personable. We were at ease the moment we met her and always enjoyed our time together. There is no doubt that our wedding day was better with Qiana leading the way! Hopefully, you consider Qiana for your special day too!