Jessica & Bill

I can not say enough about Qiana and Madison Elyse Events!!! We knew from the first 10 min of meeting that she was the person for the job. She is so professional and organized. She handled issues with grace but was firm when had to be. She was always on time or early. Being prepared for ANY issue that arose was her specialty. We would NOT have made it without her. She took all the stress off of us, so we were able to just relax and enjoy the wedding planning process and our wedding day!

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Erica & James

One of the best decisions made during my wedding planning process!  After attempting to plan everything on my own I became overwhelmed and frustrated but Madison Elyse planning was just what I needed, my only regret is not being able to work with Qiana longer.  Thank You so much for your time and dedication and for helping to bring my vision to life!

Ashley & Michael

Madison Elyse Events covered every area of my wedding and rocked the day of. Qiana and her event coordinator, Treasa Collins, were amazing. The ceremony went flawlessly and the reception was a blast! Thank you Madison Elyse Events for such a great planning experience and an unforgettable day!

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Nicole & Ben

Qiana was fantastic! From start to finish she was there for us. Her focus, attention to detail and understanding of our vision for our special day made a huge difference. It felt really good knowing that she had everything handled and made sure everything went smoothly, from ceremony to reception. She had multiple meetings with us to make sure we were all on the same page, made wonderful and helpful suggestions and really cared about our day. That was evident in how she made sure our wedding was carried out like we wanted. There is no way we can thank you enough!      

Talibah Bey

I had the pleasure of working with Qiana this past June. She was very professional and was always available to handle any of my questions and concerns. I had my 40th birthday celebration and Qiana was able to bring my vision to life. She listened to all my ideas and gave great advice where needed. To add to the challenge the weather forecast put a dent in plans and she was able to help me quickly arrange a plan B that was just as fabulous. Everyone raved about the celebration afterwards.
I would definitely recommend Madison Elyse Events for any special event planning.

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