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Top 5 Cities for Destination Weddings in the U.S.

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, why limit yourself to traditional venues when you can have a destination wedding that combines love, adventure, and stunning landscapes? We often think about international locations like Jamaica, Mexico and Italy to name a few. However, the United States offers an array of breathtaking locations for destination weddings, each with its unique charm. After some research, here are our top five cities that stand out as perfect destinations for your special day.

1. Charleston, South Carolina: Known for its historic charm and southern hospitality, Charleston is an

Outdoor Weddings in Charleston South Carolina

ideal spot for a destination wedding. Imagine saying your vows beneath centuries-old oak trees, surrounded by the beauty of historic architecture and cobblestone streets. With its rich history, elegant plantations, and picturesque beaches, Charleston offers a romantic backdrop that is sure to create lasting memories.

2. Sedona, Arizona: For couples seeking a more mystical and awe-inspiring setting, Sedona's red rock formations and stunning desert landscapes provide a unique and enchanting backdrop. The dramatic scenery, including famous landmarks like Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock, offers a magical setting for an outdoor ceremony. Sedona's vibrant arts scene and spiritual energy add a touch of mystique to your wedding experience. (photo credit: William Aiken House -

Biltmore Estates, Asheville, North Carolina

3. Asheville, North Carolina: Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville combines natural beauty with a vibrant arts and culinary scene. This city is perfect for couples looking for a

destination wedding that offers both stunning mountain views and cultural experiences. Not to mention the iconic Biltmore Estate! A wedding there? Yes please! (Photo credit:

4. Napa Valley, California: If you're wine enthusiasts, there's no better place to celebrate your love than Napa Valley. With its rolling vineyards, world-class wineries, and gourmet cuisine, Napa Valley offers an unforgettable wine country experience. You can exchange vows amidst the lush vineyards or opt for an elegant winery wedding with exceptional wine pairings.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana: For couples who crave a vibrant and lively atmosphere, New Orleans provides

Wedding Venues in New Orleans

a unique and spirited backdrop for your wedding. The city's rich culture, jazz music, and historic architecture offer endless possibilities for a memorable celebration. Whether you choose a traditional courtyard ceremony in the French Quarter or a jazz-infused second-line parade, New Orleans guarantees a wedding filled with energy and excitement. (Photo credit: Southern Oaks, New Orleans)

These five U.S. cities offer diverse and captivating settings for your destination wedding. No matter which one you choose, you'll create unforgettable memories that reflect your love story against a backdrop of natural beauty, history, culture, or even fine wine. Each of these cities will not only make your wedding day special but also provide a fantastic destination experience for you and your guests. So, start planning your dream destination wedding in one of these incredible U.S. cities! Need help getting started, we're here for you! Contact us today to set up your consultation!


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