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Celebrating Every Detail: Intimate Weddings and Soirees are Here to Stay

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Intimate dinner party tablescape

The Covid-19 pandemic did the event industry a favor by creating space for intimate events.  It reshaped our perspective on celebrations. Intimate weddings and events have helped us discover the beauty of intimacy. I’m excited that intimate soirees are here to stay! I’m going to dive into why intimate weddings and events are not just a trend, but a lasting choice for many.

1.       Personal Connections: Intimate weddings and events allow people to prioritize meaningful connections with their guests, rather than the sheer scale of an event. The focus has shifted to quality moments with loved ones developing bonds that will last beyond the wedding or event day.

2.       Budget Considerations: Don’t underestimate what is spent on an intimate event. A smaller guest list translates into a more manageable budget and people can allocate funds into areas where it truly matters to them. For example, having 75 guests instead of 300 guests means you could go wild with flowers and décor or splurge for your guests to have a five-star, six-star dining experience.

3.       Flexibility and Ease: Now I consider myself a logistics queen and will move people from here, there and to the moon. However, intimate weddings and events offer ease of logistics and flexibility. You can choose non-traditional venues, experiment with creative themes and customize details without all of the complexities of a larger event.

Signature cocktail for party

4.       Environmental Consciousness: Weddings and events have gone green and will continue to become more environmentally friendly. Intimate celebrations often produce less waste and have a smaller carbon footprint, aligning with the growing desire for sustainable choices.

5.       Unforgettable Experiences: With fewer guests, I’ve seen more curated, unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone present. Aerial performances, interactive champagne walls, signature drink menu or over the top dessert displays – Having intimate celebrations allows you the flexibility to create cherished memories that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come.

The popularity of intimate events is not a short-lived trend. It’s an eye-opening shift in how people envision their celebrations now and for many years to come. The focus on personal connections, budget considerations and creating unforgettable experiences ensures that are not just here to stay, but are redefining the essence of celebrations! All of these tips go hand in hand for destination weddings as well.

If you are planning your intimate wedding and need some planning help, we're here for you! Click the link to fill out the contact form to get started!

Stay Fabulous!

Madison Elyse Events Team


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