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Not Just Valentine's Day Date Ideas!

Aahhh Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I am a lover of love so I feel like this holiday was made just for me. I am also a hopeless romantic and love doing fun things with and for my husband. If you’re looking for some ideas of how to celebrate your Valentine’s day or any day of the week, check out some of my favorite things to do in and around the Chicago Area:

1. Fragrance Making – Who doesn’t love to smell good, especially when you’ve created the fragrance yourself? Check out the Aroma Workshop located at 2110 N. Halsted St in Chicago. At Aroma Workshop, you’ll use your nose to create a custom fragrance. Follow your nose through different scents and the staff will create your fragrance based off your top choice of scents. Once you’ve created the fragrance, you will choose a name for it and a specialty bottle to take it home with you. The great part is, all fragrances you create will stay on file so if you run out, you can always go back and they’ll know exactly which one was your custom scent!

We love patronizing this local business. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is intimate and the location is great! It’s near fun restaurants and night life so you can continue on the fun once you leave! Definitely a must do! Reservations are required so plan ahead!

2. Candle Making Class – Watch out Bath and Body Works, here comes your biggest competitor and it’s right here in Chicago! The Black Luxe Candle Co. at 1252 N. Milwaukee Ave. is a gem! Not only do they have great fragrances of already made candles, but you can create your own in their candle-making class! Brittany and team are truly amazing. With this experience, you’ll receive all of the materials needed to create your candle. These are classes are sometimes themed so there may be a mimosa/ cocktail (or two) involved. Grab your guy or your gal pals and head on over to the class. Check out their website (link above) to find out when’s the next class and have so much fun!

3. Relaxation to the Highest Degree – Everyone loves a great massage, but how about a relaxing bath to go along with that massage? If this is you, AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago is the perfect place to visit! The

ultimate spa experience lives here, whether its wading in the pool, soothing your muscles in the jetted jacuzzi pool and hot stone massage to top it off, AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The dimly lit atmosphere sets the tone for calm and relaxation. My favorite is the heated pool in the back of the building. It totally relaxes every bone in my body! Click on the link above to reserve your spa time and enjoy!

4. Music is Food for the Soul – If you know me, you know music is life! If you have soul in your bones and love for delicious food like I do, I have three words…City Winery Chicago. City Winery is my go to for live music in an intimate setting. I’ve seen some of my favorite artists here! Date nights, group outings or if it’s just me and my girls, I have always found City Winery to be my go to and one of my favorite spots in the city! A concert, dinner and yummy wine or cocktail always does the trick for me, and I know it will for you too! Go their website and check for upcoming concerts and wine tasting events (because who doesn’t want wine!)

5. Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience – Hmm, a dispenser that gives me the perfect amount of wine and I get to choose from how many!? Yes please! 64 Wine Bar in Naperville is in a class all it’s own! Count them, 64 different wines for the tasting every day! If you want to indulge in this experience, you’ll receive a smart card. This card holds the key to all of the dispensers in the venue. Slide your card into the wine dispenser to receive 1oz, 3oz or 6oz of wine. Choose from reds, whites or sweets. Whatever’s your pleasure, they have it. While there, nosh an amazing charcuterie board or full entrée. I left very happy and very full! Make your reservation here!

I hope you have so much fun visiting these great spots! And remember, these are not just for Valentine’s day, but for any day you feel like celebrating! Check back with me on IG and let me know what place you enjoyed the most!!

Stay Fabulous!

Qiana and the M.E.Events Team

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