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Planning an Outdoor Wedding and the Elements

How beautiful of an idea is it having an outdoor wedding? On the beach…a beautiful garden in a conservatory…in a vineyard…in the backyard of your parent’s ginormous home. Each of those ideas sound so amazing, but what happens in the case of rain? What if it’s scorching hot that day? What if the weather turns and it’s a very cool day outside for an outdoor ceremony? The one thing we know that is so unpredictable are the outdoor elements! You must think ahead and consider the alternatives to your outdoor wedding planning. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your outdoor wedding:

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1. Choose your venue wisely – When venue searching, look for a venue that has an outdoor ceremony/reception space, but will allow you to move your event inside in case of inclement weather.

2. Consider a tent – No, not the tent that your sister used for her kid’s backyard birthday party. I’m talking about a glamorous glass top tent that can be adorned with beautiful chandeliers, up lighting and beautiful string lights throughout the tent. You can use your imagination and create the outdoor space of your dreams with the right tent!

3. Offer some shade – If having an outdoor wedding is exactly what you must have, think about providing your guests with umbrellas to help keep the sun away. Also think about fun parasols or fans.

4. Water Stations: THIS IS A MUST! When the sun is high and beaming down on you and your guests, this can make for a miserable time at your wedding. Have multiple beverage stations available for your guests to partake in. Have cool, refreshing water options like water infused with strawberries, lemon, lime or cucumber. Trust me, the consideration will be much appreciated.

5. Share the plans with your guests – When you send out your invitation, make sure to let your guests know that the wedding is outside so they can prepare – meaning if it’s on the beach the ladies might want to wear a wedge instead of a stiletto or your guests can bring a lite jacket or wrap in case of a cool breeze.

For more great wedding planning tips or if you’re ready to start planning your wedding, contact us today to setup your consultation! We’re here for you.

Fabulously yours,

M.E. Events Team

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